When applying for a job, professional license or certification employers, certification boards or the State will often conduct a criminal background check. It is important to know that Minnesota courts keep detailed records of pending criminal charges. A shoplifting or theft charge can prevent a person from obtaining a job, professional license or certification.  That is because shoplifting and theft charges are crimes of moral turpitude, meaning the person cannot be trusted with property belonging to another. In many cases, this may be an automatic disqualification for employment.

If you have been charged with a shoplifting or theft related crime it is important to know the a potential or current employer can and often will perform a criminal background check you.  A background check is simple to perform. Minnesota courts keep records on a system known as MNCIS. It is available to the public and is free. All an employer needs is a computer or hand held device and an internet connection. Once an employer or background checking personnel accesses the Court’s website a person’s who court history is visible.

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