Martin Azarian is a career criminal defense attorney. He has nearly thirty years of criminal defense and courtroom experience and enjoys an excellent reputation as a criminal defense attorney. He has represented over a thousand clients charged with shoplifting and theft with the result that the vast majority of shoplifting and theft cases are dismissed or resolved with no criminal record.

His emphasis is preventing a shoplifting or theft charge from becoming a permanent criminal conviction. Then after obtaining a dismissal he advises persons to have the record expunged or sealed. Martin Azarian believes preparation, knowledge of the law, facts of the case and hard work are the best means of preventing a shoplifting or theft related criminal conviction. “The most important thing to remember when a client is charged with shoplifting or theft is to prepare the case. Know the law and know the facts. Then, do everything possible to prevent a permanent criminal conviction.”

Too often people simply go to court and plead guilty. that may be the worst thing a person can do. Once a person has a criminal conviction it may be very difficult to have it removed. Courts and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension keep detailed records the public can easily access. Court records available to the public on MNCIS. Access to the records is free. All that is needed to access the court’s record is a computer, smart phone or tablet and an internet connection. That is why it is so important when possible to avoid a criminal conviction in the first place.

Even if you are guilty, Minnesota law does allow for a person to keep a criminal charge from resulting in a criminal conviction. But in order to use the law to your advantage, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Martin Azarian brings his vast court room experience and knowledge of the law to help every client with the result that in most shoplifting and theft charges are dismissed or reduced and his clients avoid a permanent criminal conviction.

If you are facing a shoplifting or theft charge and you want to explore your options and possibly keep this off your criminal record please call Martin S. Azarian Criminal Defense, P.A. today at 612-343-9000.