When a person applies for a loan or credit that person is telling the lender “I am trust worthy enough for your lend me money.” To be certain, when applying for credit or a loan banks and lenders will often conduct a criminal background check. Minnesota courts keep detailed records of pending and past criminal charges. This record is public, free and easily accessible. When a person applies for credit, the lender needs to know it can trust the borrower. One way to determine if the borrower is trust worthy is to perform a background check. A shoplifting or theft charge is a crime of moral turpitude, meaning such a crime affects a person’s reputation for trustworthiness and honesty.  As such, a shoplifting or theft charge or conviction can prevent a person from obtaining the loan or credit he or she needs.

If you have been charged with a shoplifting or theft related crime it is important to know the a banks, creditors and lenders can and often will perform a criminal background check you.

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